Nokia Online Store hits Canada

Nokia Online Store hits Canada


Some people may be surprised that Canada even has phones, but now Canadians are able to buy Nokia phones direct from the manufacturer online. Nokia has launched the Nokia Online Store in Canada starting today.

All phones sold on the site will be carrier-neutral, meaning that buyers can choose any GSM provider in Canada. Of course, there are only two to choose from for now in the country – Fido and Rogers. Coincidentally, both are the same company.

The site will also offer other Nokia products, such as the Nokia Digital Pen. Canadians can even purchase games for their crappy N-Gage.

As a proud Canadian myself, I guess I am happy enough about this news, but I find it a bit annoying that we have to wait longer than Americans to be able to buy products direct from the manufacturers. At least there are sure to be some great incentives to get us hooked on using the site.