Nokia 6282 one of the first phones for 1900MHz UMTS network

Nokia 6282 one of the first phones for 1900MHz UMTS network


Nokia announced the new 6282 today. Its a slider that will be one of the first to support the 1900MHz UMTS network as well as GSM. The phone will run on the Series 40 3rd Edition platform. It has a 320×240 QVGA display and features a 1 megapixel camera.

Music is important on any phone these days. On this model you can enjoy music from the FM radio or the digital music player. Storage for the player is on miniSD cards. The phone supports Bluetooth, making connection to headsets, photo printers or car kits very simple. Also included with the phone are 3G services, including streaming audio and video and fast upload and download.

“With the introduction of the Nokia 6282 phone, we are helping to make the promise of high-speed UMTS services in the Americas a reality,” said Kai Oistamo, senior vice president, Mobile Phones, Nokia. “Although it weighs barely 4 ounces, the Nokia 6282 phone is among the most advanced wireless devices available in this market.”

The phone will be available in the first quarter of next year in markets that offer the UMTS network. Price is unavailable, but is likely dependant on carrier and plan.