Nokia 6233 is sleek and loaded

Nokia 6233 is sleek and loaded


The third phone that Nokia unveiled on a very busy day today is the 6233. Its a classic looking stainless steel model for business and entertainment which is compatible with WCDMA, GSM and 3G. It has a 2 megapixel camera and a 320×240 QVGA screen to show your pictures off.

A digital music player and built in speakers with 3D sound to enjoy the tunes. Headphones are, of course, an option. Easy storage and transfer of your music is possible using microSD cards, which can have a maximum capacity of 2GB. If your own music doesn’t do it for you, a Visual Radio client provides an alternative audio experience.

The phone has 3G, which means you can access all the 3G services you could want, and means you can enjoy streaming audio and video, news and sports highlights and all sorts of other good stuff. You will also enjoy fast upload and download speeds.

The phone will ship in the second quarter of next year. Retail price is 325 Euros or about $380, but you shouldn’t expect to see it in the US.