New service lets you store your music online

New service lets you store your music online


Remember the website? Well, if you liked that one, you might just love the new service that the founder of that site has created. MP3tunes, a San Diego based company, has created a service that will allow people to store their music files on the internet and retrieve them from wherever they are.

If you use iTunes or another standard site, you are bound to one computer. If that computer is lost, stolen, or you break it, you can no longer download those tunes. With this new service, called Oboe, you can store your music collection online and share your playlist with multiple computers, your PDA, MP3 player or mobile phone. It’s also a good way to store your music collection and protect it from a computer crash.

For $39.95 you can have access to the program for a full year, including unlimited storage and bandwidth. There is also a free service which allows you to upload content and stream it, but doesn’t allow for downloading or offline play.