MacGyver MP3 watch from Skullcandy

MacGyver MP3 watch from Skullcandy


MP3 player-watch combinations are nothing new, as evidenced by the Memory Music MP3 watch by Laks almost two years ago, but who doesn’t want to act all cool with the new MacGyver MP3 watch by Skullcandy. According to “experts”, this watch really does look like the one worn by our favourite crime solver, except your ears are tethered to it, so you can listen to the latest tunes.

Features include a selectable 5-mode audio equalizer, 3-D stereo sound, shuffle play, and maybe best of all, a built-in voice recorder for those times you don’t have a pen and pad to jot down the latest clue to solving the crime at hand. A built-in USB connector lets you use the watch as a portable flash drive as well.

Compatible with MP3 and WMA formats, the MacGyver watch is available in three capacities. The smallest, 256 MB, is $169.99, whereas the 512 MB and 1 GB renditions are $229.99 and $299.99, respectively.