Wi-Fi missing from HTC 2100 smartphone?

Wi-Fi missing from HTC 2100 smartphone?


The HTC 2100 Smartphone is expected to come our way via Cingular USA early next year, but rumors are running rampant that the device will come crippled. Looking through the FCC website, which recently posted some information and photographs of the Smartphone in action, there is absolutely no mention of Wi-Fi. The Wireless Manager utility shows no icon for Wi-Fi either, giving further indication that this Windows Mobile 5.0 phone will be lacking that soon-to-be critical feature.

If history serves as any indication, smartphones running Windows Mobile typically ship with a number of features missing, and the same is held true with Pocket PCs sporting the OS system. They are known to not port Office Mobile or MS Reader, and the apparent missing Wi-Fi is continuing this unfortunate trend. This is really too bad, considering the fact that the HTC 2100 Smartphone should be uber-modern with EDGE support, a 200 MHz processor from Texas Instruments, and a 1.3 megapixel camera.

Let’s hope these are just rumors.