Scratch-Less Discs scratch less

Scratch-Less Discs scratch less


If I tell you that there is a new product called the Scratch-Less Disc, can you guess what it is supposed to do? Give up? According to the manufacturers, the Scratch-Less Disc is ‘The World’s Safest Optical Disc’. They apparently offer more reliability and scratch protection than any other CD or DVD.

You all know that scratches on your CD or DVD suck. They make the disc skip and make you miserable. These etches of misery most often come from the discs resting on hard surfaces.

The Scratch-Less Disc incorporates two innovative features to protect the disc. The first are Aero Bumps, 20 small bumps placed on the bottom of the disc. The bumps stop the surface of the disc from contacting the table, so scratches are avoided. The second feature is the Safety Shield, a scratch resistant polymer that hardens the surface. Obviously, the performance of the disc is unaffected by either feature.

A 90 pack spindle of CD-R can be had now for $55.