Korea developing new WiBro enabled mobile PCs

Korea developing new WiBro enabled mobile PCs


WiBro, or Wireless Broadband, the next generation wireless internet, is the pride and joy of Korea. KT is the company that is providing it, so they are now taking responsibility for providing devices that can use the new standard; and who, better than Samsung, chosen to develop a new breed of mobile PCs.

The new mobile PCs are envisioned to be slightly smaller than standard laptops. The smaller packages, though, will contain more computing power and faster Internet service than a laptop, according to the plans.

The companies predict that the demand for these portable terminals could be more than 10 million in Korea alone. They see them as a secondary device that people carry with them wherever they go, along with the cell phone that is so common in the country already. At this point progress has not moved beyond dreams and speculation and details are scant, but progress will be swift. The country is very committed to WiBro as a powerful, widely effective and affordable solution.