Cingular testing new Mobile2Home service

Cingular testing new Mobile2Home service


It has just been a short while that AT&T and Cingular have been one, and already the convergence is flying at us. The combined company is testing Mobile2Home, a service which will allow subscribers to make unlimited calls between their cell phone and their AT&T home phone. Cingular points out that it is a similar service to Mobile-to-Mobile, which means that the calls won’t count against your cell minutes. You are limited, of course, to calls between one cell number and one home number.

You can only try out this service for now if you live in Connecticut. The trial costs $5.99 per month and will run until February 25. Cingular will wait until after that time to decide whether it will expand nationwide.

Though the service itself is handy but not overwhelming, the fact that it has emerged so quickly after the completion of the merger is a good sign that there is a lot more to come.