Cellular One helping needy kids with old phones

Cellular One helping needy kids with old phones


Cellular One is collecting used cell phones for children, but it isn’t like it sounds. They aren’t collecting old phones to give to kids to get them hooked. Their intentions are far more charitable.

There are more than 100 million cell phones purchased each year. When we are done with them they aren’t biodegradable, so they obviously need to be recycled. Cellular One has seen a possibility to do some good while recycling. They have teamed up with the Children’s Organ Transplant Association. All proceeds from the recycling program will go to COTA, benefiting children in need of life-saving tissue and organ transplants.

The program will run from November 25 until January 1. You can take unused phones into any Cellular One store or you can get a pre-paid envelope from www.restartphones.com.

COTA is a national charity based in Bloomington, Indiana. Their priority is to ensure that no individual is denied a transplant because of lack of funds.