A wooden case for your iPod

A wooden case for your iPod


Maybe you want a case to protect your iPod, but leather just isn’t your thing. Maybe you find the feel of wood therapeutic. There are a lot of reasons that could lead you to finding designer Peter Kinne’s latest offering attractive.

Kinne has created a wooden case for your iPod. He hasn’t just slapped together a copy of pieces of plywood, though. This is a slick looking birch box. It has cutouts so you can still get at the screen and the wheel. It has a padded interior for protection and allows for access to everything you need for syncing, charging and listening. The belt clip made from stainless steel reclaimed from used bike spokes so you can show off your woody goodness and be an environmentalist at the same time. A positive lock will stop your iPod from slipping out and hitting the pavement.

The box isn’t armor, but it will likely protect your iPod fairly well. They come in a Nano size for $35, or all other sizes for $45. If you fall in love with the idea of the marriage of wood and high technology, Peter also makes cases for laptops and towers, too.