Ultrasuede laptops with Intel Centrino technology?

Ultrasuede laptops with Intel Centrino technology?


Laptop computers have always been more function than fashion until Apple started making some rather chic-looking iBooks, but for us PC folks, until now, choices have been limited to grays, blacks, and sometimes brushed aluminum. Well, Intel has teamed up with Ultrasuede to make some colourful concepts…wrapped in faux suede.

The “fashionable” result adds a deliberately personal touch for the Cher Horowitz in all of us. The microfibre Ultrasuede fabric adds colour, as well as giving you a nice warm fuzzy when you run your hands over it. And of course, coming from Intel, you can be confident in its performance as these laptops more likely than not, will be running on Intel Centrino mobile technology, which will also keep the weight down and the battery life up.

Laptops are becoming more of a fashion statement nowadays, and according to a recent study, having their personal style reflected in their technology products (like MP3 players, cell phones, and now, laptops) is important to 73% of US adult computer users. Moreover, and I think we’ve all been guilty of this at some point, 76% glance at other people’s laptop PCs to check out its style or design.

And now, those 76% are more than likely going to check out your swanky new Intel/Ultrasuede laptop.