The Otterbox 1910 protects your iPaq 6500

The Otterbox 1910 protects your iPaq 6500


If you own an HP iPaq 6500 and lead a wild life and are afraid you will damage it, then the OtterBox 1910 is just what you need. It’s an injection molded waterproof case made of glass-reinforced polycarbonate with a thermoplastic rubber overmolding for drop protection. A WL Gore membrane vent enables sound transmission while keeping water and dirt out.

Protection is useless if you can’t use the device. The OtterBox 1910 provides access to all major functions of the iPaq 6500. You can sync and charge, access the SD slot and headphone jack. The keypad is accessible with integrated direct push activation. An external holder keeps the stylus accessible. There is even a clear plastic window on the back of the case which lets you use the camera and flash.

“The OtterBox 1910 is a low-cost alternative to protecting this valuable iPaq technology,” said Curt Richardson, CEO of Otter Products, LLC. “The case is perfect for anyone wanting to safeguard their device as well as those working in industries such as warehousing, trucking and freight, military, medical, and delivery.”

The 1910 retails for $129.95. OtterBox also makes cases for a full range of other mobile devices.