Report Warns European Youth Sharing Music and Not Paying for It

Report Warns European Youth Sharing Music and Not Paying for It


The other day I passed a billboard offering unlimited song downloads for 99 cents – that’s 99 cents too much, I thought to myself, and according to recent reports, I’m not the only one.

Jupiter Research released some interesting, albeit not surprising information about European music procurement habits. According to the report, younger European consumers who download music from illegal file-sharing sites outnumber those who go the legal way – 3 to 1.

Apparently, some of these pilfering youngsters have little concept of music as a paid commodity, Jupiter analyst Mark Mulligan told reporters: “The digital youth of today are being brought up on a near limitless diet of free and disposable music from file sharing networks.”

According to the November report, only 5% of all internet consumers pay to download music, while 15% share the music without paying. 34% of the all important 15-24 age group admitted to sharing music online without paying for it. Shocking.

But there is hope for the poor music industry. The report determined that 10% of Europeans are willing to pay for songs on sites like Apple iTunes. Sweden leads the way with an honest 31% willing to dish out their moula for tracks.