Loc8tor will help you find what you have lost

Loc8tor will help you find what you have lost


Never has a product been made that is more perfect for someone who is as absent-minded as I am. I am having a good day if I only lose my keys three times. Not any more once I get my hands on the Loc8tor. The Loc8tor is a handheld radar unit. All you do is attach a miniature tag to whatever you don’t want to lose, and it will track it within a 500 foot range. When the item moves outside of the range it starts vibrating and beeping.

The Loc8tor will help you keep track of your keys or wallet, but you could just as easily use it to keep tabs on your kids or pets. You could even use it to keep an eye on that girl you like, but that would be stalking and we frown on stalking.

The product is still in the final stages of testing, so it will be a few months until it is available. The price hasn’t been set, but if it works as it is says it will I don’t care what it costs.