Cenix GMP-M6 Gaming System: Compact PSP Killer?

Cenix GMP-M6 Gaming System: Compact PSP Killer?


Probably more useful as an MP3 player, the Cenix GMP-M6 is no PSP killer. That isn’t to say this little Korean handheld is entirely without merit.

At first glance the unit is tiny, like mobile phone tiny. Great for MP3 usage, but as far as gaming is concerned, a little bit bigger would be better. The GMP-M6 measures 90 x 13 x 45.5 mm, the weight is 55grams, so It’s small.

A game console is only as good as the games available. And in the gaming world, quantity is no substitute for quality. That said, while the roster of titles available at launch time is not known, there is a reported 50,000 2D / 3D games available for download. Surely there is something in there worth playing. The GMP-M6 comes with 2 games preloaded.

A MiniSD card slot, 2” Widescreen TFT-LCD Display and FM tuner are featured. File formats supported are MP3, WMA, Ogg (Q10), Audio ASF, MPEG-4, and IMA-ADPCM.

Battery life appears healthy – fully charged, the system gets approx. 6 hours of video/game play, and 20 hours of music playback on its 3.7V Li-polymer battery.

Like the PSP, the Cenix GMP-M6 comes in black and in white. Unlike the PSP, it won’t cost you a lot to get it. You can get one in your hands for about $193 USD. No word yet as to when or where.