CarrierILD to bring down international mobile calling rates

CarrierILD to bring down international mobile calling rates


In the United States, cell phones may have replaced the wired telephony in terms of preference, but is still not the most desirable option to make international calls. The reason being: it’s not as cheap as landlines. But MobileSphere, a wireless communications vendor, claims to change all that soon. The company has come out with a software branded as CarrierILD service for cell-phone operators and wireless carriers, MobileSphere feels it will help them in offering international call services to their subscribers at much cheaper rates.

MobileSphere’s newly-launched cheap solution software consists of a combination in soft-switch technology and a global Tier 1 network of noted long-distance providers such as MCI and Qwest. The service claims to facilitate international calling connectivity to more than 220 countries at cheaper rates, as low as five cents per minute, against the present standard rate of $1.50 per minute through cellular carriers.

MobileSphere has been working on this crucial objective of slashing international call rates for mobile consumers for past four years and is already providing long-distance calling services to businesses, consumers, service providers, and universities, including MIT, Harvard, and Ohio State. The development of CarrierILD is being projected as the fruition of this process.