Burnout Legends now available for Nintendo DS

Burnout Legends now available for Nintendo DS


Are you itching for some automotive anarchy? Burnout Legends, the newest game made by Electronic Arts for the Nintendo DS, can scratch that itch. The Burnout series is famous for chaos and destruction as you drive like a maniac through city streets and highways.

Burnout Legends was built from the ground up for the Nintendo DS. It capitalizes on the touch screen by allowing you to control your car as it crashes by employing “aftertouches”. The game features 9 gameplay modes, including crash, road rage and pursuit. Multi-player white-knuckle action is also possible via Wi-Fi. The game takes the best parts of past versions of Burnout and adds new gameplay, new cars and new surprises. Or so says EA, anyway.

The game is E for Everyone, so even the youngest of our readers can check it out if they feel the need. It is available in stores now for $34.99.