Xbox 360 Reviewed: High Definition is Key

Xbox 360 Reviewed: High Definition is Key


The Xbox 360 is here, and is much more than a simple gaming machine, Microsoft intends to make it the centerpiece of your digital entertainment living space. MobileWhack has one of the first reviews of the system we have seen, and the system looks quite impressive.

Xbox 360 is off to a good start, with a completely redesigned dashboard interface and a vertical tab menu system where you can use your controller’s joystick knob or the remote’s navigational buttons to navigate the intuitive menus. This utilizes your widescreen display for clear and easy to read text. Xbox Live lets you check email, see what friends are online and browse the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The games menu gives you more access then you would imagine, with your past accomplishments, you can even connect to the Xbox Live Arcade and play some demos or view trailers.

Not just a gaming system anymore, the Media menu gives you access to stream photos and audio files from Windows XP systems on your LAN, or WLAN if using the Xbox Wi-Fi Adapter. Connection to a Windows Media Center PC is also possible.

High Definition is the key with the 360. All games are required to be authored in 720p and 1080i for HD capable televisions. This gives you a gaming experience never before seen on a TV.

“Of course you can easily get these resolutions on the PC but that’s not the point is it?” according to Felix Lung of MobileWhack.

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