Voice-Activated R2-D2 AstroMech Robot from Hammacher

Voice-Activated R2-D2 AstroMech Robot from Hammacher


R2-D2 it is you. It IS you!

Forget the R2 models and figures you played with in the past, this Voice-Activated R2-D2 from Hammacher Schlemmer is the real deal. So real, you’d swear Kenny Baker was inside pulling the strings.

R2 interacts in much the same way most “smart” robot toys do. With full dome-swiveling action, he will respond to 40 or so voice commands like “turn right, turn left” and who knows, maybe even “switch off”. Equipped with an infra-red motion sensor, this little droid will follow you around the room, play tag with you, and can stand guard over you while you sleep – alerting you of any unwanted visitors in your room.

R2 also comes with a whole lotta Star Wars. Aside from the blips and beeps, R2 has all your favorite Star Wars sounds and dialogue, and embarrassingly will dance to the Cantina’s theme music.

This kind of fun comes at a price though. C3-PO’s best buddy needs 4 AA batteries and 4 D batteries to get him going.

In keeping with R2’s short stature, the Voice-Activated R2-D2 stands 15” tall and about 7.5” wide and weighs a surprisingly hefty 6lbs – not sure if this includes the weight of all those batteries.

You can bring R2 home next June for about 2000 credits or $119.95 in real life money.