LG PM80 PDA features digital TV on the go


    LG has a new PDA the horizon and you won’t have to miss your favorite TV shows to use it. The new line is called the PM80. It features Digital Media Broadcast (DMB) functionality, that means digital TV on your PDA. You can watch it on the 3.5 inch QVGA LCD display, so it should look good, too. It appears that you can watch TV in both portrait and landscape orientation.

    The PDA runs on Windows Mobile 2003. It has 64MB of RAM, the same amount of ROM, and a 312mhz Intel Processor. Other details are scant, but you can imagine that it will do everything else a PDA needs to do.

    We’re not yet sure when you can get it, but you can choose black or white when it is available. The price will be $380. There will also be an optional GPS package so that you can navigate while you watch. With the GPS you will spend $580.