Google click-to-call connects consumers with advertisers by phone

Google click-to-call connects consumers with advertisers by phone


Google is testing a new service called click-to-call. It’s another way for you to connect with advertisers. There will be a phone icon besides some search results, when you click the icon you will be able to enter your phone number. Next thing you know, the phone is ringing and the advertiser is on the other end of the line. The phone number will be encrypted, so the advertiser won’t be able to bother you after the call unless you want them to. Google also claims that they will delete your number from their servers after a short time.

The service will make it easier to talk to an advertiser without searching through their website for contact information. It will also be useful for companies without a strong web presence.

As we have come to expect from Google, further details are scarce. The icons do show up on the site now and the system is operational if you happen upon it.

This is just another shot in what is sure to be a huge battle for online telephony. eBay paid $2.6 billion for Skype to make it possible for buyers to talk to sellers, so Google isn’t the only one working in this area.