CompUSA and eMusic offer 100 free music downloads

CompUSA and eMusic offer 100 free music downloads


eMusic and CompUSA have announced a partnership where CompUSA customers will receive 100 free download tracks with any purchase at a CompUSA retail outlet.

No word if this is just an in-store deal, or both in-store and online. But if you have a CompUSA near you, it wouldn’t hurt to stop by and take advantage of this offer.

With the promotion, CompUSA is now selling prepaid download cards for eMusic songs, you can buy tracks a la carte whenever you choose. Prices range from $0.46 to $0.50 per song, much cheaper than most places, they will be available in sizes of 15 songs ($7.50), 20 songs ($9.99) and 65 songs ($29.99).

“We’re excited to make available to CompUSA customers 900,000 songs from eMusic — the No. 1 site for independent music,” said Daniel Perrone, director of digital services for CompUSA. “This innovative partnership will allow even our most casual customer to avail them self of the best value and selection in independent music.”