Tritton’s Everki “lifestyle bags” for techies on the go

Tritton’s Everki “lifestyle bags” for techies on the go


More than just a fashion statement, Tritton has launched a new set of “lifestyle bags.” The Everki line is designed for all you techies out there who want to bring all your favourite gadgets with you on the go, but at the same time, keep them well-protected and organized.

The Everki line is comprised of five bag categories: lifestyle, packs, briefcases, camera bags, and totes. According to the company, the bags are “an intelligent and protective organizational system for electronics and paperwork to keep users on the go, while providing peace of mind, security and easy access to anything they may need inside.”

Chris Von Huben, Tritton’s president, is proud of their new line of technology bags that feature contoured zipper pulls, padded handles, inner padding, and quick access stash pockets: “People on the move are constantly watching for innovative products to make day-to-day travel easier and more convenient. They want bags that are fashionable as well as functional. Everki by Tritton combines functionality, durability and style. We believe that these are the most important traits in a bag and we made sure these ingredients work together in the construction, material choice, and appearance of our products.”

Tritton, better known as a consumer electronics manufacturer, is keeping the prices in line with the market, with a belt pouch going for $29.99, but expect to pay $109.99 for a wheeled laptop duffle bag.