Windfall for flash memory card manufacturers

Windfall for flash memory card manufacturers


According to a Research and Markets report, the demand for flash memory cards and readers in the near future will multiply at a breakneck speed and manufacturers will have to augment their assembly lines.

The report titled as “China Sourcing Report: Flash Memory Cards & Readers”, makes this projection of a fertile future for flash memory card manufacturers on the basis of an expected enhancement in the demand for consumer electronic products. Citing Chinese example, the report earmarks that last year about 12 million flash memory cards were produced in mainland China. Out of this, a whopping 70 per cent were exported. Seventy percent of memory card output was shipped to overseas markets.

The jump in sales of flash memory cards is expected to come from the launch of a slew of new mobile phones that will support removable flash memory cards. The leading handset manufacturers in the world are believed to be working on these models which are expected to start appearing out on shelves from next year. So the manufacturers of flash memory cards better get moving, its time to get ready for the windfall.