PopXpress store is all iPod all the time

PopXpress store is all iPod all the time


I guess it was inevitable, because the iPod seems to be taking over the world. PopXpress, the first ever store exclusively selling iPods and iPod accessories, is opening in London on Friday. It is a three storey ‘geek boutique’ stocking all of the iPods and Apple accessories as well as third-party products. The store has commissioned a wide range of luxury products as well, so if you’re in the market for a gold plated iPod, you may just find it here.

This is just the first of 12 stores planned in the U.K. by the end of next year. The next store will be opening in the West End of London in December.

Jonathan Cole, CEO of PopXpress commented: “We are thrilled to be opening this store concept at such an exciting time in the iPod’s development. The iPod has created a new market for consumer mobile music players and has resulted in an array of accessories.”

As popular as the iPod is, if this concept does well you can except to have one of these iPod-only stores popping up on every street corner.