DoCoMo unveils phone to keep kids safe

DoCoMo unveils phone to keep kids safe


NTT DoCoMo has announced that they are developing a new phone that will be very attractive to concerned parents. The FOMA SA800i is designed to keep kids in elementary school safe. Packed with features that offer protection for the little tykes, like an attack alarm that is activated by pulling out a big ring on the phone. It also has a GPS tracking device for you to keep track of where your child is using the phone, their location can be sent to your phone or computer.

Parental control settings let you limit access to services or the internet permanently or at times during the day. It also has bright, easy to use menu for the kids.

This is interesting. On one hand, anything that can keep kids safer is obviously a good thing. On the other hand, it would be nice if kids could at least learn to read before we start creating a lifelong gadget addiction.

The phone will be available in the spring of next year if all goes according to plans. No word yet on price or where it will be available.