Verizon Wireless sues Florida spammer

Verizon Wireless sues Florida spammer


Verizon Wireless is as mad as heck and they’re not going to take it anymore. They have sued one Florida company after they had sent 98,000 spam text messages to their customers. Passport Holidays of Ormond Beach, Florida allegedly sent the messages telling people that they had won cruises to the Bahamas and asking them to call to claim their prize.

Verizon claims that Passport violated the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act by using an auto-dialer to send the text messages to sequential numbers. Passport Holidays also attempted to hide their identity and evade spam filters.

Verizon and their U.S. wireless competitors are adamantly apposed to text messaging spam, they see it as a bigger threat than e-mail spam because customers have to pay for each text message they receive. Verizon has been especially aggressive, suing several parties who have sent text message spam, because they promise their customers a “spam-free” wireless environment.