Transcend DSC is a flash drive with VGA camera

Transcend DSC is a flash drive with VGA camera


You know, pretty soon our toothbrush is going to come with a digital camera. I say that because everything else comes with one now. Transcend has put one somewhere else, no no, not there, but they aren’t the first to put it in a flash drive. The JetFlash DSC (digital still camera) one of those flash drives with an added feature. It comes in 128MB and 256MB sizes and has a digital still VGA camera integrated into it. That means you can take the pictures and load them right onto your computer without a card reader or USB cable.

The pictures are stored in a 640×480 JPG file that is 55KB, so you can pack in a lot of photos. The unit comes with software that lets you edit and enhance your photos. The power comes from a rechargeable lithium battery that recharges from the USB port.

The JetFlash DSC is shipping now and can be yours starting at just $46.