Skype on the go with Elecom’s BT MGs

Skype on the go with Elecom’s BT MGs


Everyone is using Skype these days. Elecom has found a way to make it even easier to use when you are on the go. At first glance, the BT-MG1 is a USB drive with 32MB of flash memory. What makes it impressive is that it has Skype preloaded. You just plug it into the port and you are ready to start talking. The drive stores the Skype software as well as your private information like your username and password, so you don’t have to download the program or remember your password to start talking.

This product just gives you freedom. Now you can head to the library, school, internet café or anywhere else where there are computers for you to use and in just seconds you can be chatting away.

The BT-MG1 will be available in mid-December for $75. The BT-MG2 is the same unit, except it has Bluetooth connectivity, giving you a bit more freedom. That freedom has a price, though – $105.