Neuros makes MPEG 4 Recorder PSP friendly

Neuros makes MPEG 4 Recorder PSP friendly


The Neuros MPEG 4 Recorder 2 is an updated version of the original NMR. Like the original you can hook it up to your DVR, VCR, TV or DVD and record directly to a memory card. The changes in this unit make it easier to use with a PSP and iPod. The NMR now provides recording resolutions of 320×208 to fit the widescreen of the PSP. It can also record in 640×480 resolution for easier TV playback.

The original NMR could record directly to SD cards. For the ease of PSP users, Neuros has replaced the SD with MemoryStick support. The lack of SD support will make it harder to get content onto PDAs or anything not made by Sony, but the unit can be plugged directly into your computer. It acts as a card reader, so you can get content wherever you want with just an extra step.

They have added support for a bunch of new codecs to, the benefits of which include easy use for video iPod users.

The NMR 2 is available now for $150.