Free iT computer offered in Hong Kong

Free iT computer offered in Hong Kong


The good news is you can get a computer for free. The bad news is that it would probably drive you insane., a Hong Kong website, will be giving away the iT computer to small businesses and lower income individuals.

The iT features a 7-inch LCD monitor with a speaker and a smart card reader, it will also support home entertainment devices, printers, USB devices, and of course the Internet. No word on the memory or even if it has a hard drive, or if it relies on flash or something else.

As with anything ‘free’, there is, of course, a catch. There are 14 hotkeys on the keyboard. You can’t avoid pressing them as you use the machine, and when you do you are sent to a sponsor’s website. The sponsors are paying for the machines, so they will obviously be showing you ads to make it worth their while. What I would like to know is why companies would want to advertise to people that cannot afford a computer?