Bluetooth for your iPod with iCombi

Bluetooth for your iPod with iCombi


The AP 11 by icombi is a nifty product, and also a mouthful. It’s a high-fidelity digital stereo audio transmitter for the iPod. That’s a lot of words for one device. You just plug the little unit into your iPod and bingo – Bluetooth. The processor is 32 MIPS, 24-bit DSP, so it isn’t lacking power. The sound from your iPod will travel through the air to any earphones or speakers with Bluetooth embedded.

Considerate people that icombi are, they also have a set of Bluetooth earphones that they are willing to sell you – the AH-10. The earphones will let you change tracks, stop or start the music and turn the music up or down. They weigh 80 grams. The lithium polymer batteries will last you for 10 hours of listening.

Good sound, easy controls and no wires to get tangled up in. Want to bet that Apple jumps on the Bluetooth bandwagon pretty soon?