Xitel HiFi-Link: The Audiophiles iPod Dock

Xitel HiFi-Link: The Audiophiles iPod Dock


Xitel has revealed their hi-quality HiFi-Link adapter to make your iPods audio output sound really really good. The docking station offers audiophile-quality connection to your home stereo equipment, allowing you to enjoy high-quality audio of course. The sound is as good as your stereo is, which can be a big step up from speakers designed for the iPod. Video will work with the station, too, allowing you to watch video or photos from your iPod on a TV.

The docking station also serves as a charger, which is handy because you can listen at home and have your iPod ready to go when you are. It has its own remote with 50 foot range. A nice feature is the interchangeable dock adapters that can snap in to fit any iPod model you own. They also promise forward compatibility with any iPods to come.

The item has received the “Made for iPod” seal, so you know it will work without compatibility bugs. You can get your own now for $99.95.