LG Black Label handsets: “express” yourself

LG Black Label handsets: “express” yourself


Only the elite and trendy may get their hands on the latest LG handsets, their calling this new series of devices the “Black Label” line. Which basically means it is for consumers that buy mobile phones for personal expression, to show their individuality and style, so we don’t want to see anyone using them for business or day-to-day communications.

The phones coming out are the LG SV590, LG KV5900 and LG LP5900; the phone shown is the LG-SV590 “Chocolate”, the others will follow shortly.

It’s a simple candy bar slider with a red touch pad, 2 inch QVGA class LCD and only 14.9mm thick. Multitasking functions are possible, this means you can take pictures, send SMS, surf the net, all while listening to music. It has 128MB of internal memory and comes with an extra 512MB so you can keep around 120 songs on hand. Songs are easily transferred via USB connection from your desktop.

For some reason LG has given each phone a nickname, just like a pet, which will make you Love your phone and grow attached to it, maybe even share intimate moments with. The chocolate phone is meant to express the consumers love of chocolate.