TI LED pocket projectors due out soon

TI LED pocket projectors due out soon


Texas Instruments has revolutionized the projector business with their DLP technology. The innovation uses LED technology instead of a lamp, allowing projectors to produce much less heat and be significantly smaller. Now you can go on the road with your projector without putting your back out carrying it around.

The system uses a series of microscopic mirrors that bring significantly more light from the lamp to the screen. Less light is lost, meaning colors are brighter and the image is clearer than traditional projectors with the lights on or off.

The race is on as manufacturers work to get this technology onto the shelves. Samsung, Toshiba and Mitsubishi all have highly portable products coming out next month. Prices will range from $850-$1,400.

Even if you aren’t a business guru you can probably find a use for one of these tiny wonders. Imagine the fun if you hook them up to your digital camera, camcorder or PSP. And if you had ever owned a projector in the past you would know that to replace a bulb it would cost you about half the price of your original projectors price, that’s what makes this technology all the more welcomed, LEDs are cheap and last a heck of a lot longer.