The SK Telecom PT-S170 redefines ugly

The SK Telecom PT-S170 redefines ugly


Looks like Dr. Frankenstein is a cellphone designer now. The SK Telecom PT-S170 is a flipping, sliding, swiveling mess. It looks like someone took parts from 6 phones and glued them together in their bedroom.

A phone this ridiculous should only exist if it does something really, really cool. I am talking turn-into-a-plane-and-fly-to-Starbucks-to-get-you-coffee cool. This phone doesn’t even come close. It is a camcorder phone which just has a 1.3 megapixel camera and 1.9 inch LCD.

The Korean market is incredibly tight and it takes a lot to get attention, but this is too much. You’d be embarrassed to use it and it looks like you would break it in about a week. Even the SK Telecom spokesperson in the photo looks like she is trying to hold it as far away from herself as she can. My favorite part is that you can swivel the second screen so that it covers the first screen. That will certainly come in handy.

Sometimes I am sad when I hear about new devices that are in Korea and will likely never make it over here. This is definitely not one of those cases.