Movement sensing phones by Analog Devices

Movement sensing phones by Analog Devices


New technologies come out all the time for mobile phones that eventually become standard features. One of the newest innovations that may one day become ho-hum is gyroscopic technology, or “motion signal processing.” This was first released in the Korean market in January 2005, and it tracks changes to the angle and location of the phone.

For example, if you happen to be playing a mobile racing game, turn your car left and right simply by tilting your phone ever so slightly. The 3-axis accelerometer, as its been called, has been implemented by Pantech and Samsung in their MP3 players and mobile phones. Analog Devices, the developer of the technology, is proud of the innovation. Mark Lund, Product Manager, is quoted as saying that the “3-axis accelerometer provides clues to expand various new functions which mobile handset designers have never imagined before. It will be settled as ‘standard component’ not only for mobile phones but also for all portable devices.” Analog Devices has already implemented the technology in its iMEMS (integrated Micro Electro Mechanical System) family of motion signal processing products.

The price of a 3-axis accelerometer has dropped considerably, and can be bought by manufacturers for less than $2 a piece when purchased in large quantities.