Kodak takes No. 1 position in US digital camera sales

Kodak takes No. 1 position in US digital camera sales


Eastman Kodak retains its lead in the US digital camera market. For the July to September period, digital camera shipments to the US reached 5.6 million, up almost 13% compared to a year earlier. Of this figure, Kodak shipped 1.25 million digital camera units, up 21% from third quarter sales a year earlier. Its market share also increased to 21.3% from 19.8% too according to research firm IDC. How’s that for a Kodak moment?

Tied at second position are Canon and Sony with 1 million digital camera units shipped each, and a 17.7% US market share. Sony held the top position last year with a 20% market share but that hold slipped this year. On the other hand, Canon increased its share from just 16% last year.

Jumping in from seventh place last year to occupy the fourth spot is Fuji Photo Film with 483,000 shipments (8.6% market share). Olympus and Nikon tied for fifth place.

Still, there’s much for Kodak to do because on the worldwide scale, it is ranked No. 3 behind Sony and Canon.