Apricorn MicroKey Rugged USB memory key Reviewed

Apricorn MicroKey Rugged USB memory key Reviewed


Apricorn’s microKey was designed for the true road warrior in mind. Housed in an aluminum alloy body with a 6GB micro drive surrounded by mounting insulation for the ultimate in vibration and shock protection. The silver crush-resistant casing looks as though it was designed as per military spec, with a slim and solid feel, you won’t question the 2000G non operating and 200G operating shock values.

Initial Impressions

The microKey package contains:

– 4GB, 6GB, or 8GB (coming soon) MicroKey
– Second Copy 2000 Synchronizing Software & Cryptainer Encryption Software
– 1 meter USB extension cable (to plug into desktop)
– Protective carrying case

* Software bundle not compatible with Mac.

Apricorn describes it as crush resistant, in my opinion, it’s bullet-proof. If you have ever used a plastic memory key flash drive, you know pretty darn well how flimsy they feel, especially to trust your important documents or business records to. The microKey is one of those devices you would trust to keep your sensitive information on, just think of it as an aluminum tank built to surround your data within a micro drive. It gets dropped on the concrete, crushed in your pocket, slammed on a desk, but still remains tough as a rock.


This is basically like any other USB bus-powered device, plug it in to an empty USB slot, wait for it to load, and begin transferring data. It supports Windows 2000, XP, Mac OS 9.2 and later without any special drivers. The software included in the system is Second Copy 2000, this lets you synchronize files from your Windows desktop by keeping your data up to date on the microKey. Cryptainer Encryption software also included protects your sensitive data by encrypting them with Blowfish 128bit. You can password protect and secure any file or folder with Cryptainer by a simple drag and drop action.

The unit measures 3.4 L x 2 W x .50 H inches and weighs 2.5oz. Since it supports USB 2.0, data transfer rates can peak to 480Mbps. Within the enclosure is the Seagate 3600RPM microdrive with a 128k buffer and 12ms average seek time.

A versatile USB interface allows you to rotate the connector in to any position, this means you can plug it directly into any odd placed USB port, whether it be at the back of a cramped notebook, or a USB hub with 5 other devices.

There is no other USB micro drive as tough as this on the market. If you want an affordable, durable and compact solution for your portable data needs, this is your solution.

Current prices for the Apricorn microKey

MicroKey 4GB – $149 US
MicroKey 6GB – $169 US

MicroKey 8GB – $199 US (coming soon)


– Small size
– Durable shock and crush resistant
– Affordable
– Cool Blue LED


– No software support on Mac

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