AirMagnet updates Laptop Analyzer

AirMagnet updates Laptop Analyzer


If you are a user of AirMagnets’ Laptop Analyzer, the laptop-based WLAN security and troubleshooting software, then you are going to be happy about the release of Laptop Analyzer 6.0. There are a bunch of changes in this version, focused mostly on making the software easier to use. It now supports Intel Centrino, eliminating the need for a separate Wi-Fi card. It adds a remote visibility capability to share real-time network information with people at a distance. This means that two experts can collaborate to solve a problem, even if they are thousands of miles apart.

Among more than a dozen new features, version 6.0 offers compliance reporting for PCI DSS, allowing for the acceptance of credit cards. It also adds a direct security alarm that will notify you of problems through e-mail or your cellphone, and a device peer map for enhanced visualization of communicating wireless devices.

“Since we invented the Wi-Fi analysis market in early 2002, wireless networking has become a ubiquitous technology in a wide variety of organizations — both large and small. The need for easy-to-use wireless security solutions that can be customized for each user’s needs is increasing,” said Dean Au, president and CEO of AirMagnet. “This evolution of our mobile product reflects our continued efforts to make wireless security and performance analysis as painless as possible. The new features we’ve incorporated enhance our ability to support customers’ unique network scenarios, equip them with the tools they need to secure their wireless networks and maximize the benefits of wireless networking throughout their organizations.”

The updated version is available this month at a cost of $3,495 for new users. Upgrades are free if you have a current support contract.