Trekkies must wait for Star Trek Communicator Phone

Trekkies must wait for Star Trek Communicator Phone


This announcement is bound to make some people sad. Due to production challenges, Sona Mobile has had to delay the release of the Star Trek Communicator Phone until 2006. Due to the enormous demand, they have delayed production to ensure the highest quality possible.

What makes this phone special? Well it includes access to a community message board, streaming video clips, a Star Trek themed menu system and sounds and downloadable ringtones and wallpapers. It also includes Fleetwars, a mobile multi-player game. Apparently the game takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master.

Next year is the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek, so it will be fitting that you can get your communicator phone then so you can pretend you are Captain Kirk. What can you do to pass the time until they are released? Watch reruns of Kirk or his latest show on how Star Trek changed the world.