Creative launches new Zen Neeon line, now with flash!

Creative launches new Zen Neeon line, now with flash!


Creative Technology is set to launch a series of new Zen Neeon MP3 players, including a few flash-based players to compete with the highly successful iPod nano. The flash memory players come in 512MB, 1GB and 2GB capacities, but unfortunately do not have colour screens: Creative has opted for dual-tone OLED screens instead, supposedly for the sake of brightness and clarity from any angle. With 32 hours of juice, the flash Neeon’s give you enough to at least get through your day. The hard drive based Zen Neeon has been bumped up to 6GB of storage space, and is available in up to 7 selectable backlight colours. The battery life is a mediocre 16 hours. Of course, all these players come with the usual features like FM radio and voice recording.

To accompany the launch of the new line, Creative has also announced a set of Creative Stik-On decorative skins that seem particularly geared toward the younger crowd and their need to “express themselves.” Choose from 12 limited edition “Face” series skins, and 16 new designs that come in packages of 4, sold as “Bold”, “Classic”, “Gutsy”, and “Chic”. These skins are easily removable for when your mood changes.

“We continue to build on the success of our best-selling Zen Neeon 5GB by introducing a whole new series of Zen Neeon players to suit each individual’s lifestyle. The latest range of high-capacity flash memory-based as well as hard drive-based players provides greater choice to consumers. They will also be able to personalise their players and put a face to their music with our latest collection of “Face” series Stik-On skins and matching Zen Neeon slings!” said Joseph Liow, vice president and general manager of Creative Labs Asia.

Included with each player are a set of headphones, USB 2.0 cable, line-in cable, pouch, neck strap, quick start guide, and software CD. Expect to pay anywhere from $122-$205 for the flash players and around $216 for the 6GB hard drive version.

Key Features Common to All Zen Neeon MP3 Players
• Integrated FM radio/recorder and voice recorder
• Direct line-in recording from CD/DVD players, turntables, and cassette tape players
• Pint-sized – measures just 79.9mm x 46.9mm x 15.9mm
• Works as a plug-and-play removable portable mass storage drive
• Easy drag-and-drop of files between PC and player
• No software installation required, except for Windows 98SE. Drivers are included
• Elegant, reflective piano black finish

Features specific to Zen Neeon 512MB, 1GB and 2GB
• Duo-tone OLED screen
• Re-chargeable Li-ion battery delivering 32 hours of continuous playback per charge
• Weighs only 55g
• Choice of 3 backplate colours (512MB in purple, 1GB in blue, 2GB in silver)

Features specific to Zen Neeon 6GB
• 7 selectable backlit display colours
• Rechargeable Li-ion battery delivering 16 hours of continuous playback per charge
• Weighs only 75g
• Choice of 6 backplate colours (blue, pink, silver, green, orange, red)