The Top Ten Selling Mobile Phones in the U.S.

The Top Ten Selling Mobile Phones in the U.S.


It’s not as funny as the David Letterman versions can be, but this is still an interesting list. Online retailer Wirefly has released their monthly list of the top selling wireless phones. It’s bad news if you are any manufacturer other than Motorola, or if you don’t put cameras in your phones. Eight phones on the list are by Motorola and seven have cameras. The list:

1. Motorola RAZR V3
2. Motorola E815
3. Samsung PM-A740
4. Motorola V330
5. Audiovox 8910
6. Motorola V220
7. Motorola i850
8. Motorola i710
9. Motorola V188
10. Motorola V260

It’s interesting that Nokia is the biggest seller in the world, yet doesn’t show up on the list. They don’t show up on the top ten list either. That list also includes six Motorola models.