Sony and GlowPoint team up to provide IVE

Sony and GlowPoint team up to provide IVE


IVE stands for Instant Video Everywhere, and is pronounced just like the poisonous plant that makes you itch. This is the new offering by Sony and GlowPoint. With IVE you get free, unlimited video and VoIP service for consumers, rather then a blistering rash. The companies were apparently concerned that it was difficult to choose between traditional VoIP and desktop-based video communications, because this program allows you to combine both.

A nice trick with this program is that you don’t have to limit your talk to other people with IVE, it will allow you to directly connect with other standards-based programs. You can also make calls to cellphones or telephones and you are assigned a Personal Video Number to make connecting calls easy to do.

The basic service is free but, like so many things, you can get more by paying for it. Premium services include a video call mailbox, live video operators, multi-party calling and even a private video meeting room and are available for $9.95 or $19.95 per month. The software is available for download now.