Ogo on the go-go in Switzerland

Ogo on the go-go in Switzerland


Ogo may be down, but it’s not out. After Cingular dropped the Ogo instant messaging handheld, IXI Mobile has been looking to bring their fun little device back to market. Well, they found support from Swisscom to revive the phoneless Ogo, except this time not in the American market, but rather the Swiss market.

This device is far from being a business solution; it’s geared more toward the younger demographic—those you find on Friendster of Hi5—who can’t live without instant messaging. Recent surveys suggest that the average Swiss citizen logs 12 hours each month into MSN Messenger, citing the possible success that the Ogo may have in that market.

It’s not a cell phone. It doesn’t have a digital camera or Bluetooth capability. What the Ogo can provide is handy, easy-to-use, super portable access to your email and instant messenger services…and that’s about it. But hey, you can pick one up for only $37, and more good news, Swisscom is temporarily waiving the $14/month subscription fee.