Motorola V557 with SCREEN3 added to Cingular’s collection

Motorola V557 with SCREEN3 added to Cingular’s collection


Cingular, America’s largest mobile phone service provider, is now carrying the Motorola V557. Featuring the new SCREEN3 technology, the flip phone also has all the usual new features, including Bluetooth connectivity, a VGA camera with digital zoom and video recording, and MP3 ringtones.

The SCREEN3 innovation places a ticker at the bottom of the phone’s colour screen, just like what you find on a number of your favourite programs on television. It allows you to keep up with the latest in news, sports, and entertainment, as well as other premium content, and best of all, it’s zero-click: no browsers to launch or buttons to press. Cingular’s new Media Net Live Ticker service makes this all possible; the company is the first to make use of SCREEN3 technology.

Among the V557’s other key selling points are EDGE compatibility, Push-to-Talk capability, Java and WAP environments, and picture messaging. It’s sleek, it has chrome details, and it’s available now at Cingular Wireless retail stores in select U.S. markets. Pick one up for as low as $99.99, provided you sign up for two years with Cingular and make use of the $50 mail-in rebate.