Find power in the forest with the Eclipse Solar Gear product line

Find power in the forest with the Eclipse Solar Gear product line


Many of those stuck working in an office, doing the nine-to-five thing, can’t wait for a long weekend to spend in the great outdoors. However, at the same time, we can’t live without our gadgets and finding an AC outlet is kind of hard when you’re in the middle of the forest. Well, the good people at Eclipse Solar Gearprovide a fantastic product line for all you techie outdoorsman.

This solution utilizes, as you can guess, integrated flexible solar panels to provide the power you need by trickle charging all your favourite electronics, from cell phones and two-way radios to hand-held GPS units and AA batteries. And of course, they’re all built to be durable and withstand the elements–whatever nature may throw your way. What’s more, there’s an adapter for the cigarette plug (12V) in your car for continuous power.

The new Ion camera/video bag ($139.99) and X-plorer fishing tackle bag ($145.95) both contain ample pockets to keep your batteries, bait, and whatever else you need to capture that perfect photo or catch that fish. Both products will be available through the Eclipse Solar Gear website some time in December, and come with a limited lifetime warranty.