WaveMarket to offer tracking services via mobile phones

WaveMarket to offer tracking services via mobile phones


Tracker-equipped mobile phone anyone? Despite what many say about violations of privacy, the truth remains that for quite a number of years now, wireless phone firms have had the technology to pinpoint the location of mobile phone users. And now, WaveMarket wants to utilize this technology to offer a service that will help parents track where their kids are.

WaveMarket will soon be offering their Family Finder service in the US. This is how it works – WaveMarket’s software will be used in cell phones and their mobile phone networks. Parents who then subscribe to the service will be able to check out the location of their kids online through the mobile phone unit using color maps.

WaveMarket however, is a bit tight-lipped as to which US wireless carrier will offer the Family Finder service. Outside of North America, WaveMarket has worked with wireless companies that utilize Qualcomm’s CDMA network technology. In the US, the wireless companies that use CDMA technology are Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and AllTel but these firms are tight-lipped as well.

Location technology is not really new. For instance, Sprint is already using WaveMarket’s location-based technology to help firms monitor truck fleets. Other wireless carriers are already using the same technology to inform subscribers of which movies or restaurants are near their location.