The MP-X provides tunes when its wet

The MP-X provides tunes when its wet


If you’ve ever tried to have a shower while listening to your iPod, you learned the hard way that it isn’t water resistant. Apparently the Swedish face the same problem, because Jens of Sweden has come up with a solution. The MP-X is a small MP3 player made of urethane rubber. That means it can survive more than a few splashes. It’s 54 x 43 x 11mm and weighs just 30 grams, so you can carry it with you wherever you want to go. It comes in 512MB and 1GB sizes, which isn’t huge, but you aren’t buying this one for the storage space, are you?

It doesn’t have a display, but you wouldn’t be able to read one underwater anyway, I guess. It comes with a USB cable but no earphones. If you want to maximize this unit that means you find some waterproof earbuds somewhere, or wrap your current pair in a garbage bag.

This is definitely a player for a purpose, but it is easy enough to imagine lots of purposes where it will be perfect. In a place like Seattle where it rains all the time, this is the answer to your prayers. You can have the 1GB model for the odd but reasonable price of $102.81 starting November 18.